Dirty Dog Bar


Dear friends, families and bands. Unfortunately as you may have read, Dirty Dog Bar's time at 505 East 6th St has came to an end. Our lease is set to expire on August 31st. We held on as long as we could even after losing revenue from March though today and with no end in sight. The loss of SXSW, Rot Rally, summer tourism and more due to covid has led us to next weeks exit. Signing a new lease right now at a rate that won't allow us to be profitable is just not an option that makes sense. We have been searching for a new location for some time and hope that when the bar ban and Covid restrictions have eased up we will open a new location.

We want to personally thank everyone that have blessed us with the most amazing memories, friends, partners, lovers, kids, bands and much more. You all made DDB what it was, what it became and what it will hopefully continue to be in the future.
Please know that we love each and every one of you.